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This May 10–11th, the leading voices in Ethereum, blockchain, and tech return to New York City for Ethereal NY.

When Ethereal Summit hits New York City on May 10th-11th, it will continue upon a strong tradition of providing a platform for those building the infrastructure and applications driving blockchain tech, in addition to championing the cultural and humanistic aspects of the decentralization movement.

So far, the programing at Ethereal Summit events has featured leaders from ConsenSys, The Ethereum Foundation, Coinbase, Microsoft, and World Economic Forum, and thought leaders in fields ranging from financial markets to supply chain to gaming and spirituality. With all the art installations, announcements, demonstrations and networking that goes on at Ethereal Summit events, it’s impossible to keep up with everything that’s happening on stage. That’s one of the main reasons why Ethereal Summit is the most unique event in blockchain. Thankfully, all the proceedings can be found on the Ethereal YouTube page for later viewing.

Over the past three iterations of the Ethereal Summit, there have been countless memorable moments, insightful analyses, and blockbuster announcements. This year at Ethereal NY promises many more — and tickets are on now on sale! Here are some of the most impactful talks given by leaders from around the tech world at Ethereal Summit events so far…

Ben Goertzel Introduces Sophia the Robot (Ethereal SF, 2017)

The Daily Show’s Ronnie Chieng Roasts the Whole Crypto Industry (Ethereal NY, 2018)

Ethereum Foundation’s Vlad Zamfir and Nick Dodson Go Deep on Blockchain Governance (Ethereal NY, 2018)

ConsenSys Founder Joe Lubin’s Ethereal NY 2018 Keynote — “The Nature of the Firm”

Brian Iselin of SlaveFreeTrade Removes His Clothes To Make a Point about Supply Chain (Ethereal NY, 2017)

Sheila Warren of the World Economic Forum Asks “Who’s Being Left Behind” in the Blockchain Revolution? (Ethereal NY, 2018)

Juan Benet of IPFS, “Decentralize Computing Before it’s Too Late!” (Ethereal SF, 2017)

Joseph Poon Hints towards Ethereum 2.0 with “Plasma and the Public Ethereum Chain” (Ethereal SF, 2017)

Amber Baldet, “Beyond Maximalism in Blockchain” (Ethereal NY, 2018)

Mike Novogratz Utters the Famous Words: “The Herd is Coming” (Ethereal SF, 2017)

Joe Lubin’s Ethereal SF Keynote 2017 Lays out the Story of Ethereum and ConsenSys

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