Become a blockchain, smart contract, and crypto expert in one sitting by flying through this YouTube playlist.

With over 100 speakers from all corners of the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and Ethereum ecosystem sharing knowledge over the course of Ethereal NY 2019, it was almost impossible for any individual to catch all the latest updates and insights.

Discussions on the main stage addressed many of today’s most relevant issues like smart contracts, open source, capital allocators, value capture, the latest on Plasma, while deep dives into Dapps at the Workshop Stage, Ethereal Arts, and all that Burner Wallet-purchased food provided myriad opportunity to get hands-on with blockchain elsewhere.

So much of what was expressed on stage will guide the development and growth of the blockchain industry and decentralization movement in the coming months, and all the discourse is available for viewing on the Ethereal Summit YouTube.

To get you started, here are ten standout talks and discussions from the Ethereal Summit NY 2019 Main Stage…

The Smart Contract War is Coming


A discussion of the variations in strategy behind the leading smart contract platforms, and a spirited analysis about the age old debate between Ethereum vs. Bitcoin and if the former will achieve its timeline for scaling.

Tom Shaughnessy of Delphi Digital // Tanner Hoban of ConsenSys // Ryan Selkis of Messari // Moderated by Camila Russo.

Kevin Owocki of Gitcoin: Funding Open Source


Gitcoin Founder Kevin Owocki addresses how the relationship between blockchain and open source can be symbiotic, while providing a backbone for development.

Chris Burninske: Taxonomy and Value Capture in a World of Liquid Assets


Chris Burninske of Placeholder Ventures offers a wide-ranging take on the state of blockchain and decentralized network ventures, and where value can be created and harnessed.

The Role of Capital Allocators in Crypto, 2019


Four representatives of the world’s leading crypto-and-blockchain centric venture capital funds laying out their strategies for 2019, and

Tushar Jain of Multicoin Capital // Jalak Jobanputra of Future/Perfect Ventures // Dovey Wan, Primitive Ventures // Moderated by Han Kao of Crypto Briefing

Danny Ryan: Cautious Optimism


Danny Ryan of the Ethereum Foundation takes a historical perspective on technology and culture, and offers telling insights on how blockchain and decentralization can grow optimally.

Mike Novogratz: The Herd is Still Coming!


The Galaxy Digital CEO returns to Ethereal to offer his take on crypto and blockchain in 2019, looking at the machinations of crypto markets, and what he sees as success stories going forward into the next phase of blockchain.

Value Capture at Layer 1 and Layer 2: The Competition and Tradeoffs


A spirited debate about decentralized applications and scaling solutions and whether value capture is optimal at Layer One or Layer Two, followed by heated moments debating the future of Ethereum.

Tushar Jain of Multicoin Capital // Ameen Soleimani of SpankChain //Jack O’Holleran of SKALE Labs // Jinglan Wang of Plasma Group // Moderated by Tanaya Macheel

Joe Lubin’s Ethereal Keynote — 2047: A Retrospective from the Future


The long-awaited Ethereal Keynote by Joe Lubin took a bird’s eye view on the future, offering a retrospective on the world fromm 2047. Lubin’s lauded address covers not only the development of Ethereum and blockchain, but technology, geopolitics, and climate change.

Everything You Wanted to Know about Plasma but Were Too Afraid to Ask


George Konstantopolous of Loom Network joins the stage for a deep dive into Plasma, Layer Two scaling solutions for Ethereum, and points the way towards a thriving decentralized network economy in the short-to-mid term timeframe.

The Consortium Conundrum

Building a blockchain is hard. Forming a blockchain consortium and getting to production is even harder! But the potential payoffs are limitless. This panel of blockchain experts shares lessons from leading innovators in production that demonstrate how to apply best practices to solve the consortium conundrum.

Sophia Lope of Kaleido // Jesus Rodriguez of Invector Labs // Aaron Wright, of OpenLaw // Phil Kelly of ConsenSys

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