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Ethereum's on-chain stablecoin transaction volumes surpassed @venmo's total payment volume in Q2 2019: (h/t @evan_van_ness)

 — @cburniske

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Developer Resources

Enterprise Case Studies


Backed by 15 of the world’s largest institutions spanning global banks, trading companies, and oil giants, komgo is transforming worldwide trade financing from an antiquated and risk-prone paper-based system to a fully digitized, secure, and frictionless experience via an open blockchain platform in partnership with ConsenSys and Kaleido.

Project i2i

In a pilot-project partnership with seven rural banks, Unionbank of the Philippines worked with ConsenSys Solutions to build a decentralized, cost-efficient, approximate real-time inter-rural bank payment platform to connect rural banks to each other and to national commercial banks, using Enterprise Ethereum.

Project Khokha

The South African Reserve Bank (SARB), in partnership with ConsenSys Solutions and seven commercial banks, utilized Quorum, an Enterprise Ethereum solution, in combination with the Istanbul Byzantine Fault Tolerance consensus mechanism, Pedersen commitments, and range proofs to process the typical daily volume of payments for the SARB with full confidentiality and finality in less than two hours.

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