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Monica Singer: Preventing Corruption in South African Financial Markets Since 1988

Monica Singer led the digitisation efforts in the South African financial markets as CEO of Strate, a licensed Central Securities Depository (CSD).

Under her direction, Strate passed a record number of directives and legislation to modernise processes, bring transparency, efficiency, and stamp out corruption. As a result, the World Economic Forum recognized South Africa as the top three most progressive Central Securities Depositories in 2012. South Africa was also ranked #1 for the regulation of securities exchanges.

When Monica discovered blockchain, naturally, she had a burning desire to implement the technology into the local financial markets. Yet, her board was complacent, happy with the progress made, and had no desire to implement a new tool.

There was only one thing for Monica to do.

She jumped ship.

Monica left her cushy position at the top of the food chain, and joined ConsenSys’ flat hierarchy to champion the adoption of blockchain technology in Africa.

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