Digital escape is the idea of escaping the ‘real world’ through consumption of online content. In my piece on 2019 predictions, I wrote about how “in everyday life, you’ll take a stroll, but in electronic life, you take a scroll”. Since the beginning of time, humans have found escape in stories, art, games, human contact. In today’s world, we’re finding digital escapes in the form of scrolling through our Instagram feed, playing online games or even watching others play them on Twitch. Either intentionally or unintentionally, many social media platforms today have become spaces for digital escape. By building for user engagement and retention, platforms are incentivized to maximize the time users spend — essentially, building deep wells for digital escape. In this piece, I will explore the argument that building for digital escape, within clear boundaries, is not morally objectionable and can be value additive and creditable.

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