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Underrepresented groups in tech are invited to join the conversation at Ethereal Tel Aviv with free tickets!

With all the talk of world-changing initiatives and billion-dollar valuations, it’s easy to forget that the promise of blockchain is to empower people all over the world to create value and take part in the global economy of the future. That’s why Ethereal Summit has initiated the Ethereal Scholarships program, inviting members of underrepresented groups in tech to join the conversation and attend Ethereal Tel Aviv with complementary tickets.

On September 15th, when the likes of Vitalik Buterin and Joe Lubin hit the stage at Ethereal Summit Tel Aviv, it’s part of the Ethereal mission to ensure that it’s not just the usual demographics that are heard and included and contributing to the mission of Ethereum. Members of underrepresented groups in tech now have an opportunity to take part. All you have to do is apply to the Ethereal Scholarships program!

Check out some of the highlights from Ethereal Summit New York earlier this year…

We spoke with Amy Crimmens, Director of Ethereal Summit, to get more details on the Ethereal Scholarships program…

What are the scholarships for? How many are available? What does the scholarship include?

ConsenSys has set aside 30 free scholarship tickets for Ethereal Summit Tel Aviv to offer to individuals for whom the ticket price may be a barrier for attending, particularly for typically underrepresented groups in tech. Our goal is to make these communities not only feel included at the event, but also to let them know that we will extend a warm welcome to them at Ethereal Summit and ConsenSys as an essential part of our community.

Why is ConsenSys offering these scholarships to attend Ethereal Tel Aviv?

If any group is not able to participate at Ethereal or the wider blockchain community, we risk losing a whole set of views and experiences of the world. Ethereal Summit is about bringing the Ethereum community together. We are not doing this to the best of our ability if we are not including people from all backgrounds, cultures, and experiences.

Who is eligible to apply / what are the criteria? How does the application process work?

The applications are open to all and the process to apply is to submit an application through our website here. The deadline to apply is September 8th. ConsenSys will be monitoring applications on a regular basis and will get back to applicants as soon as they are accepted so that scholarship recipients can sort out any necessary travel arrangements needed to attend the event.

What are the benefits for recipients of the scholarship? What are the benefits for ConsenSys?

Scholarship recipients will receive a free admission ticket to attend Ethereal Summit as special guests of ConsenSys. In return, ConsenSys looks forward to broadening our community and welcoming attendees who will be able to experience Ethereal Summit and benefit from the keynote sessions, networking and educational opportunities.

Has ConsenSys done this before (for other events or Ethereal Summit in other locations)? What other types of aid does ConsenSys provide?

Yes, ConsenSys offers many opportunities to support the Ethereum community. We have Consensys Grants, some members of the ConsenSys team are working on the Devcon scholarship programme and we are proud to offer scholarships to organisations such as Black Girls Code for the US Ethereal Summit events and Devcon.

This time in Tel Aviv, we are pleased to be working with MEET, the Middle East Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow, an association providing Palestinian and Israeli youth the tools and connections to lead in the 21st century.

Will recipients be recognized at the event, or in ConsenSys communications?

No they’ll be treated like all the other attendees. Scholarship recipients will receive a conference registration pass to attend all sessions.

Anything else to add or that you want to highlight?

ConsenSys is focused on making Ethereal Summit Tel Aviv as inclusive and welcoming as possible. We have asked if anyone needs any special assistance at the event as part of the ticket registration form in an open ended question that we hope will encourage our guests to let us know what will make them more comfortable during the event. For example, dietary requests, access to a prayer room, or special help getting around the venue.

About yourself (Amy) — your background, you role at ConsenSys, at Ethereal Summit, why you are excited about blockchain, what inspires you?

I have worked in events for a long time now, especially tech events, and I have found that there are always groups that are less represented at tech events. This is quite a shame! I didn’t want this to continue to be the case for events I work on at ConsenSys. I love working on tech events and particularly Ethereal Summit, because it feels like we are bringing together people who could truly make a big impact on the world.

Working on events is very rewarding; you work very hard for months all towards a very set deadline and then (hopefully) you get to see people enjoying themselves, smiling, meeting people and collaborating, and at that point it’s very clear that all the work leading up to the event has been worthwhile. I’m also very excited to welcome people to Tel Aviv who may not have been there before. It’s a really inspiring city with a very impressive high tech scene, and obviously the beaches and the food are a bonus too!

If anyone needs advice about where to stay, how long to come to Tel Aviv for, or any other support around the event, please reach out and I’ll be very happy to help — or @amycrimmens on Twitter.

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