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ETHDenver is now only days away — this February 15–17th — and we’re getting more excited by the block. The largest of ETHGlobal’s worldwide network of events that stretches from Buenos Aires to Bangalore, ETHDenver is a major destination for Ethereum developers looking to link in with a global community to BUIDL us into the next phase of blockchain technology.

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Starting February 11th, BUIDLWeek kicks off with a series of events and meetups, and the dev party doesn’t stop until the 17th, when ETHDenverites descend from a mountain retreat to continue their plan to decentralize the world. In between is a chock-full calendar of hackathons, panels, workshops, and social events that make ETHDenver one of the most productive and fun weeks any Web3 developer can spend — just make sure to bring a jacket!

We asked people from around ConsenSys what they’re most looking forward to at ETHDenver. Here’s what they said…


In the midst of both a literal and figurative winter, it’s time to buckle down and build. ETHDenver is a hackathon, after all.

There are several ways to earn bounties and prizes at ETHDenver this year. Various sponsors will be offering bounties for hackers, all of which will be officially announced the week of the BUIDLATHON by sponsors and ETHDenver. There will also be awards for categories like “Most Innovative” and “People’s Choice”, which you can learn more about in ETHDenver’s official judging guidelines post. There are even some bounties up for grabs already, including one where you can help Bounties Network & UNICEF name the social impact token they’ll be piloting with ETHDenver. You’ll be able to check out guides & tutorials for many of the sponsor projects and submit your projects via Kauri.

It’s not just about the prizes, though — uPort’s Rouven Heck sees hackathons as a way to gain experience & build your network. “If you’re new to Ethereum development, find a team and build something as part of the hackathon; it’s likely the best way to learn and meet other people who might have more experience.”

Prior to ETHDenver, it’s BUIDLWeek — a series of blockchain events, speakers, workshops, and panels throughout Colorado in the days leading up to the conference. Jeff Rosen, co-founder of Rhombus, sees a lot of value for developers there: “It’s a great chance to meet potential hackathon teammates with similar interests.”

Making crypto art

ETHDenver isn’t just for developers. Truebit is coming back to ETHDenver with their #ArtProject Maker Space. The space will feature musical performances, crypto art, and host workshops to get participants involved in creating their own ArtDAOs. You can learn more about the workshops & how to get involved in this article from TrueBit.

The Maker Space at ETHDenver 2018 by Richard Beer

Paying with buffiDai

Everything at ETHDenver — from hackathon submissions to food sales — will use the Ethereum blockchain. Kauri, a knowledge base for the Ethereum development community, will be used for project submissions and tutorials. The hackathon will even have its own localcoin — buffiDai, a collaboration between MakerDAO, Status, POA Network, Solidcoin, SendWyre, Quantstamp and Gitcoin.

Each attendee will receive their own web wallet pre-loaded with buffiDai, which they’ll use as their currency for the conference. The goal is to create an entire crypto-economy within ETHDenver, if only for a few days.

Everyone’s favorite Bufficorn is now a currency!

Charting a route to #cryptospring

It’s time to figure out our path forward — and the best way to do that is to get a bunch of Ethereum builders in the same place.

Between the new projects that will come out of the hackathon and the incredible conversations that will happen in workshops, at the ETH Magicians conference, and around Denver, ETHDenver just might be the catalyst for #cryptospring. That’s Kevin Owocki’s hope for the hackathon — “Let’s be super humble and chart a route to crypto spring.”

Connecting with the Ethereum Community

There’s one thing everyone can agree on — the community is the best part of ETHDenver. It’s the largest ETHGlobal event -over 2000 people are already confirmed to attend this year. There are workshops to help you brush up your skills, and parties where you can meet other people.

“Remember to make time in between hacking to meet other attendees. This is one of the best Ethereum community events of the year.” — Kendall Cole (Kauri)

“Take some time to speak to some of the mentors that are hanging around. They’re awesome!” — Craig Williams (Kauri)

“Everyone is super friendly, so don’t hesitate to connect with other folks in the same situation as you. We’re all constantly learning.” — Michael Sena (3Box)

“ETHDenver is the biggest ETHGlobal event in the world; it’s a great place to meet new people in the space, hone your skills, and learn about blockchain.” — Kevin Owocki (Gitcoin)

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